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Jagriti " No Nation Should be Divided in The name of Race and Religion" ( Kamlesh Chauhan1991)

Dear Ms Chauhan,

Thank you and other members of "Jagrati" organization for giving us time and an opportunity to highlight the plight of Kashmiri Pandits/Hindus who have become refugees in their own country at the function organized to pay homage to Gandhiji on 2nd Oct here in Los Angeles.

Please continue to be the voice of those whose "Genocide" is either never reported or under reported.
I hope my educative speech about the atrocities heaped on my community of Kashmiri Pandits helped our august audience understand our concerns.Our next step is to meet a few congressmen/women to impress upon them to help our community in need.Tomorrow may get late as our community is on verge of extent ion.

Please convey my personal thanks and thanks on behalf of "Kashmiri Hindu Foundation.Inc" to your workers,
Thanks again
Amrit Nehru

Rep: Kashmiri Hindu Foundation,Inc USA