“Opposition Parties and Indian Media in India are threat to Present Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India “ Written By: Kamlesh Chauhan

“Opposition Parties and Indian Media in India are threat to Present Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India “
Written By: Kamlesh Chauhan

Many time I  Often catch myself losing my control on my language as I am learning many bad and good words from Social Media which I am not proud of it. I used it unknowingly, unintentionally. I did soul searching and realized how my way of talking and writing have changed.  I accept circumstances and social environment change me so I have to be real conscious when I speak and write in Public.

Since my childhood, I have been very nationalists as my whole family always used to talk about Hindu religion, Love for India, Stories of Great Freedom Fighters and studying Hindu Purtans Gita and Mahabharata, Chanda Mama, Hindi Milap News Paper. Amar Chitra Katha , as well movies produced by many Patriotic Producers and Directors.

All of sudden Instead of sweet courtships and sweet romance. Dirty Tactics to spread rapes and Pornography  has taken over by nudity, Nude dances without any reason, Vulgar dances, Naked body which even given more growth to rapes in India . yes You are right I do blame Bollywood , Indian TV, Indian Magazine and News Media , Growth of missionaries in India of course  Individual mentality of men due to lack or parents closeness with their children at dinner table . We all remember how our parents use to tell raja Rani, Yodha stories at night and in the end how Evil got defeated? Parents are busier in earning money than spending time with their children. Extra marital is on rise due to lack of affection or new ritual of my choice. Extra marital is common among women and men too.  Is that call Gender Equality?  How many men knows gender equality when they are intimate with their wives. Most of the time in India it’s one   way street, most husbands forgot men and women both are receiver and giver at the time of physical intimacy.

Now come to How Some people in India became traitors. Let’s talk about Kashmir.  How many Hindus Sikhs and Indian Muslim are familiar with the Ancient History of Kashmir? Do they Know Kashmir is a land of Rishi Kashayap. It has been Hindu State from the day of its Origin. Unfortunately Indian Youth have no Knowledge about the history of Kashmir. Indian educational Institution never teaches the history of every state of India. All the talk about Colonize India or Mogul History.  Now Heart wrenching real life of Kashmiri Hindus, Kashmiri Pundits, Persecutions of Kashmiri Pundits, Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus, Rapes of Kashmiri Hindus Women, Their Miserable lives in the Camps, Even no one in the world offer home to Kashmiri Refugees. Kashmiriyat word and Culture brought by Kashmiri Hindus, Even Kashmiri Hindus name taken out from the Voters lists. And Arvind Kejriwal by living in India, Raised in India have some nerve to say publicly that Kashmir is Not Part of India? I remember when he became CM of Delhi first time that He heard Kashmir is Integral part of India but he does not know? An Educated man who became darling of Indian Media, Does not know? Then he went too far to announce that Our Indian army is Tyrant?? Is he sick or shall I blame on his childhood care taken by his parents? The man does not know the history of his own nation?  Young Javans our Soldiers  are getting killed,  Separatists and terrorists from Pakistan residing in Kashmir beheading  the head of Javans our Soldiers  and he is pointing fingers at our Javans our soldiers   What a shame that Indian People voted for him Twice on the name of second Chance?  That day I changed my mind about him and gave him Title GADDAR Kejriwal. Yes this name perfectly suited to Kejriwal Now I added Kanhaiya Kumar who have defamed j JNU and People are silent? Youth are following him?  Media making him Hero just like Gaddar Kejriwal. India is Multicultural because of Hindus, Tolerant Hindus who accepted other races.  Tolerant Hindus does not mean you let them destroy Hindu Temples in Kashmir and all over the world.  Hindus have every right to defend themselves like other races and people of different Culture. However how it can be Possible in India? While our Oppositions Parties like Congress, Gaddar Kejriwal Parties and others bend on attacking on Hindus as well inclined to divide every state of India. We have forgotten the teaching of Guru Arjun Dev Singh ji and Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Teg Bahadur who sacrificed their lives and their own children lives.

Our own News Media is becoming threat to the Integrity of India. Half of the Journalist wants to be Americanized but they failed to learn about their own Nation. Half the Journalists are Ignorant or want to be Ignorant who does not even know the Ethics of Journalism. They have learn the word called Free Speech, Rights of Free Speech and Expression of Free Speech while they are the one who abuse the rights and expression of free speech. Yes I will say Indian Media shall be banned in India and Present Govt should take legal action against false and lies Media is spreading against the PM of India.  Congress party need to get out the Obsession of Gandhi Dynasty. Give a Chance to New Educate Young man from your Parties. Present Govt you better get strict those who unfurl the flag of Pakistan and refuse to say Jai Hind, Vande Matram and Bharat Mata ki Jai. These Slogan should be Mandatory.  Film Industry need to learn when Nudity is required and when it’s not. You all have right to agree or disagree but even living in Across the Seven Seas, I love my Birth land and Love my Adopted land America.  Modi is a need of India and he will make India Shine. Indian Youth need to take stand who are spreading unrest against the unity and integrity of your birth land India.

Copyrights @Kamlesh Chauhan

Note: Don’t Twist and Exploit this article. Legal action will be taken. 


  1. "bachpan ke sanskaar"we can not go out of it.they always protect from what is bad and what is good.when i was in school "Deshbhakti"was the topic in every morning prayer.some time about our holy books.our teachers were also same thought,we were belongs to RSS. the thoughts and sanskar of chilhood live life long in heart and mind and we analyze things accordingly.so as you are from the same school of sanskaar that's why you love your country,and can not think worst about it.that is me too


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