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Why Hindus don’t have voice? Written By: Kamlesh Chauhan Copyright@2010

It’s sad when Hindus were targeted by non Hindus in Kashmir India, World stayed silent.
Before 1984, Kashmir a beautiful Valley were the most prosperous part of India. Kashmiris in India were very secular mind people as Satish Ganjoo has written in his book “The Truth is that secular minded people of Kashmir of their own free will shared the same faith in the principle of Kashmir of their own free will in the principles of secularism and democracy that India had to offer an against the fundamentalist two-nation (Hindu and Muslim) Principle on which Pakistan was founded.”

I went through lot of sleepless nights to question myself who I am? What is my purpose in my life? Why it become an issue when I call myself Hindu upon asking what religion I follow? Do I really dislike non- Hindus?
As a History student I have learned, Hindus been targeted everywhere in the world not only today but even a centuries ago. Why? Are they Coward or they are just too reliant on their God? Hindus been criti…
What 4th of July, 2010 means to America and India.

Written By: Kamlesh Chauhan

Copy Right @Chauhan 4th of July 2010

Some may be wondering 4th of July, 2010 America Independence has to do with India.

India and America two Independent nations have largest democracy while both are facing Dilemma of terrorism and hard core extremists where terrorists are trying to devastate two nations.

America and India take exceptional Pride in Diversity however terrorists want to play and divide and rule game in the name of freedom, race and religion. One needs to questions the mind of terrorists and misguided youths. Do they really know what freedom means?

Freedom is earned from life and learns to co-exist with others. Freedom means one has privilege to live free without killing, destroying temples, following rules and law the nation one is adopted, Born or living.

I came in this country as young bride as my parents arranged my marriage. I thank God million time that he gave me a birth in India and a…