Kamlesh Chauhan,

I have come from work specially to write this mail as I could not help

delaying my sincere appreciation of your Cheating on Marriage Vows.

From Across Seven Seas you have taken a very long jump, from a novice

you have metamorphosised into an accomplished artist. From Prem Chand

you have moved to Sharat Chandra Chaterji, the famous Bengali writer

who happens to be my favorite one. The coherence in the narrative, the

lucidity of diction, the analytical consistent handling of ticklish

situations, logical development of the story and characters, steering

clear of improbabilities...all touch the heart.

I shall send a detailed review soon but just ponder about the progress

you have made. I heartily congratulate you. Bravo!!!!


Prof. M. S. Verma


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