Thursday, March 24, 2011

International Conspiracy Target Kashmir India : Written by: Kamlesh Chauhan@2011

International Conspiracy Target Kashmir India

Kamlesh Chauhan


“Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san”

I am not a historian or politician. I am as universal citizen who dreams about world peace. When I came in United States of America I missed my mother country India. I was a teenager bride and mother to be made me homesick, However America made me to fell in love as I accepted America my adopted land. I had a dream to make America and India best friend of each other, Support each other and unite each other as two of us the largest democratic countries in the world.

In 1989, Jamate-e Islam wage Jihad for Jammu and Kashmir which international media ignored it. Kashmir Liberation Front and Hizabut Mujahedeen terrorist provoked innocent Muslims youths to flout curfew so youths get killed and human rights righteous army made India the culprit.

There were loud speakers all over the Kashmir making peaceful Hindus to be frightened of their lives as the Slogans were “'Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O-Akbar kehna hai” Yehan Kaya Chelga “Nizame Mustafa means Sharia Law” “We want Pakistan along with Hindu women without their men” Human rights and International media failed to report to world citizens along with Indian Elite Media.

Now question arises why international communities wants Kashmir a small state of India, a integral part of India to be divided in small nation while ignoring the Pakistan occupied Kashmir and China occupied Kashmir.

Answer is very simple while innocent citizens of the world are not aware of it. It was painful for British to leave India. British never accepted accede of Kashmir to India. British did excellent job to create Jinnah. United States wants to use Kashmir as a power play to control Asia Sub Continent. People of Kashmir and India need to understand being separate from each other we become puppet of these international communities. India so called elite media is also playing in the hands of international communities. Now Kashmiris are trying to exploit the minds of Kashmiri Hindus to be Kashmiri only but fight against enemy of Kashmir as they consider India the enemy? India Has been Poring their tax payers money from other parts of India while Kashmiri never pay any taxes, offering them resources for education, health and other comforts but still Islam fascists have no problem to take it and still spread hatred among youths in Kashmir. Human rights do not want peace in India. Human rights created to have separate identity with the democratic nations. They are brainwashing the youths and exploiting them.

Now there is another conspiracy is playing on. Leaders from Kashmir come to other states of India, setting the mind set of Indians to bring back Kashmiri Hindus to Kashmir make them as minority so they can make Kashmir as Independent States. All of sudden Pakistan is playing the mind games since Pakistan illegal migrants has settle down in Indian Kashmir for decay , Their generations are almost are very much adults, breed with hatred against India. Human rights make strong accusation against Indian army while ignoring Islamic contributions of the Pakistan ISI. Pakistan occupied Kashmiri have no voice their whole cities are used as weapon Bazaars against India.

United States has to learn and accept India is most peace loving nation in the world. It’s better to make friend with India to have its saying on the Asia –sub continent. To make India self sufficient is favorable to the world. Don’t support separatism in India. India never attacked any nation unless it has been attacked. Indian elite of media better learn to tell the truth than supporting the separatists.

“No Nation Should Be Divided In The Name of Race and Religion” (KChauhan)

“United India will be friend of United States of America” (Kchauhan)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Birth Land : Kamlesh Chauhan all rights reserved 1994

Birth Land

Kamlesh Chauhan@ 1994

Do we have to live in the land we are born? Hinduism especially believes in Karma. Time and Destiny Takes us where we meant to be but no one can forget ones own mother. Reminiscences of ones birth land cause anguish. The flying dust of colorful festivals of our birth land, of our childhood and the youth where we spent most of our time does not go away just because Karma made us to live abroad.

The True Legacy of the birth land could never be less than joy. This magnificent and calm joy of being, serene waves comes from our motherland, it does not lets us lose our way. It creates an eagerness and hope to bring our adopted land and birth land merge with each for better future of our inheritance.

Destiny brought us to abroad to enhance our lives but that does not mean we lose touch with our own civilization. We should not lose the sense of nationalism in our adopted land America, UK and anywhere else in the world. Treachery will lead us towards darkness, evil, hatred and anger. The Feeling of devotion to your birth land is a candle which lightens our way in our adopted land. Nationalism is like a guiding star by its light we shall find a way to our own eternal spirit one has to abolish the feeling of divisiveness... Life needs a guide pole to lead us towards light of unity, sincerity of our mother land.

Oh! Man insolvent is the soul that has forgotten the love of his birth land

The World salute our late poet and writer Noble Laureate Rabinderanath Tagore for his literature “Geetanjali” among “Gora “and play “Red oleanders” and King of Dark Chambers” one of his heart rendering short story’ Kabliwallah” depicts the sentiments of universal humanity. Heart touching lyrics from the film “ Kabliwallah pictured on the veteran actor Balraj Sahni make our soul cry and urge us to be in the land we are born.

“Ae Mere Pyare watan
Ae Mere Bichade Chaman
Tujh pe Dil Qurban”

In This nuclear age where life is pacing fast, one should not forget the one’s roots. In the words of Marcus Garvey: A People without knowledge of their past, history, origin and culture are like a tree without roots” Indian civilization is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Hindu Dharma is one of the most tolerate, peace loving way of life. Hindu Dharma does not convert people. It does not kill people in the name of religion. If someone is not Hindu we never force Hindu philosophy on them. Its just not Hindu Philosophy way. That is the great beauty of Hindu Dharma. Vedas are the oldest books in the world. The world can learn a lot from Indian culture and ethics but now question arises are we keeping our ethics? To preserve the culture, one has to make an effort to sustain the cultural values, keep the unity among its people. Oldest civilization of India can be maintained by uniting together. People who are committing atrocities in the name of religion spread poison. People who embrace to the separatists are venomous to the humanity. They can be eliminated if we stand against such evil souls. Animosity is so poisonous that it spread so fast that unity of one’s motherland will be susceptible. Universal unity can be achieved by keeping togetherness in the family, in the nation which will lead to the universe.

A mother protect her child while she is carrying the child in her womb and after the birth, she still sustain, nurture her child. It behooves the same child when he or she is an older and when mother in need to fulfill the role of protector, provider for the parents.

In the execution of one patriotic responsibility debate and self criticism is not unwarranted but consensus building and common action for the common goal should be driving force. One has to eliminate negative feelings of religious hatred, but love and harmony of togetherness can be gained by living under one Banner. Will America allow California a nation incases of majority of one religion? Then why would India? Will UK divide Scotland incase there are majority of Sikhs or Hindus or Muslims? They why would India? Will Canada ever make Toronto a state in case there are majority of Sikhs, Hindus or Muslims? They why would India?

If one is not loyal to own motherland, integrity of that human being will be in question. Those who presume too much separatism, to claim divide and rule, they lost the patience and toleration of the real meaning of patriotism and loyalty. Separatism calls slavery. To survive in this modern world, one needs identity as one nation not a religion. That where human rights are making blunder and misguiding the separatist to have identity as a state and religion. Religion is for our personal moral guide. Human rights need to unite the nations.

“Wake up countrymen and women; you are called by your motherland
Awaken yourself, before it is too late; help your birth land, no matter where you go, where you live
Be loyal to your native land”