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International Conspiracy Target Kashmir India : Written by: Kamlesh Chauhan@2011

International Conspiracy Target Kashmir India

Kamlesh Chauhan


“Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san”

I am not a historian or politician. I am as universal citizen who dreams about world peace. When I came in United States of America I missed my mother country India. I was a teenager bride and mother to be made me homesick, However America made me to fell in love as I accepted America my adopted land. I had a dream to make America and India best friend of each other, Support each other and unite each other as two of us the largest democratic countries in the world.

In 1989, Jamate-e Islam wage Jihad for Jammu and Kashmir which international media ignored it. Kashmir Liberation Front and Hizabut Mujahedeen terrorist provoked innocent Muslims youths to flout curfew so youths get killed and human rights righteous army made India the culprit.

There were loud speakers all over the Kashmir making peaceful Hindus to be frightened of their lives as the Slogans were “&#…

Birth Land : Kamlesh Chauhan all rights reserved 1994

Birth Land

Kamlesh Chauhan@ 1994

Do we have to live in the land we are born? Hinduism especially believes in Karma. Time and Destiny Takes us where we meant to be but no one can forget ones own mother. Reminiscences of ones birth land cause anguish. The flying dust of colorful festivals of our birth land, of our childhood and the youth where we spent most of our time does not go away just because Karma made us to live abroad.

The True Legacy of the birth land could never be less than joy. This magnificent and calm joy of being, serene waves comes from our motherland, it does not lets us lose our way. It creates an eagerness and hope to bring our adopted land and birth land merge with each for better future of our inheritance.

Destiny brought us to abroad to enhance our lives but that does not mean we lose touch with our own civilization. We should not lose the sense of nationalism in our adopted land America, UK and anywhere else in the world. Treachery will lead us towards darkness, …