" The daughter of India " or Shall The daughter of the world Documentary

" The daughter of India " or Shall The daughter of the world  Documentary :Written by Kamlesh Chauhan ( Gauri)
Rape is Universal Issue no doubt about it  . Every Nation has that problem .  Even developed nation like "U.S., Sweden, France, Canada, UK and Germany are the most immersed  in this crime." I am  glad at least in India people protest and India is also exposing such rapists .  When we look at the bigger picture  of crime against women , We cant undermine the crime in many part of Ethiopia.  What about Sri Lanka ?  Funny thing is rape was not crime in France until 1980.
 Now come down to Germany " Germany is on the number six in the highest rape crime with the figures of 6,507.394 , Which is really big figure"
United Kingdom is not behind in  violence and rape against women." in January 2013, the Ministry of Justice , Office for the National Statics  and Home office released its first ever joint office official statics bulletin on sexual violence, entitled an over view of sexual offending in England and Wales. Accordingly to the report Approximately 85,000 women are raped on average in England and Wales every  year"
Sweden is also very high in rapes in the world  as well as South Africa . Oh Film Maker has forgot the political rapes of  Kashmiri Hindus women in Kashmir India, In Bengla Desh , Pakistan, Trindad and Korea.
Yesterday when I saw the documentary " The daughter of India " I put down my head with shame where the real culture of India teaches to respect women. But I do find documentary with little discrimination where a Producer and Director showed the interview of Hindu men only what about that Non - Hindus who was the worse rapist , Dange...rous violent animal who hurt the young girl the most . Who insert the Rod inside? Even his name was not mentioned in the film. Why ? Why ? Tell me the Producer and Director ? Why his face and name was hidden ? Were you telling the world all Hindus are rapists ?Why the media of the world , India and BBC dint show the act and relay the name of that Juvenile ( who is no more Juvenile Now) . There is lot discrepancy in that documentary . A man who is also blaming the woman and questioning woman going to movie late night with her BF or husband . Who are these rapist to teach a lesson to women ? Who are they?. Even though I agree we woman should dress up appropriately but It should be a man who needs to learn how to control his urges even when the undress woman come in front of him . I have seen men enjoy using bad words in front of woman when she does not meet their requirement . I am so saddened this behavior . Even I understand the banning the documentary but what about the Bollywood who only shows us women with half dressed without any required scene. Bollywood has gone worse than Hollywood . At least in Hollywood Movies give instruction which movie is good for minors and which should not be seen by minors. Liberalism also have rules and regulation. Such documentary should be shown in the Colleges and Schools for discussion so we can change the news generation.
I do condemned when Bollywood dances are only focused on the body and the part of the women bodies and touched by all the actors . The first step is to teach your sons and daughters about growing up pains at home at the dinner table . Then let them watch Movie together so you can explain the kids what is acceptable what is not then every school should have a S* education at the time of puberty for both boys and girls . There should be sextual harrasment guide at every office .
Note:   I thank Wonderlist on the internet where I used the stats of  Rapes in the world in this article . As the Wonderslist mention in their articles that 6% of rapist ever serve a day in Jail. I have quotation marked the report I have posted in this article to justify my voice in this article .


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