Pm of India another King of Korea King Jeongjo a ruler of Joseon Dynasty??. Written by Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

Pm of India another King of Korea King Jeongjo a ruler of Joseon Dynasty??.Written by Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

In 2013, I went to go see Modi ji who was Chief Ministers of Gujrat. Modi is a very good close friend of my good American activist, Author Richard Benkin and NRI activist Harish Dhruv whom I know for long time. I also remember when Modi ji came to USA a simple man wearing Khaddar Kurta Pajama with Jhola (Bag) hanging on his right shoulders. At that time he was ambitious activist who wanted to develop India and have high dreams to make India Shinning in the world.
Its irony that some mischievous people Burned Godhra Train with  innocent Live Hindus men, Women and Children while Modi ji was just elected  Chief Minister who was not well aware of anything yet. There is Cause and there is an effect that what Gujrat riots all about is. Sadly Congress can’t take defeat graciously. When Modi ji requested a Para-military  when people of  Gujrat  reacted same way  after finding out the live burning  of Hindus women , Men and Children , They started the riots  or opposition played this mischief no one knows, However  Center in Delhi dint send the help by sending the Paramilitary to control the  Riots.
Same time there were some Gujrati Muslims who were coming back from Haz and Modi ji dint let them come them in the city so they can be safe . Finally when Paramilitary Forces came after the damaged was done, Gujrat riots were controlled. Since then Opposition Parties are pointing fingers to Modi and defame him on the international platform. Such a shame Greedy, Selfish and the enemy of India have maligned such a bright man in such lowest way.
Same way King of Korea named Jeongjo who was a ruler of Joseon Dynasty of Korea has suffered the same thing in Korea 1776-1800. Same Mess with the Palace even his own kith and kind were conspiring against him.  Before he was crowned his nation was in disorder just like India before when Modi became PM of India. Every other day terrorists in Kashmir was beheading our Soldiers and Sonia Gandhi was not taking any actions against Pakistan as well made Army a Prisoners not to take action against Pakistan as well mischievous China.
 Before King Jeongjo crowned   rule was in disorder as his father was killed by royal decree of his own father, King Jeongjo's grandfather. Just like Modi ji His father was honest and dint do any wrong and King Jeongjo tried to clean his honest father name from the dark age and he could not due it. At the time He was Crowned King he made a very bold statement when he said “the King of Joseon, he sat on his throne in the throne room and looked at everyone and said, "I am the son of the Crown Sada Prince ..."
Just like Modi ji every time he make any bold statement about developing India, Indian Media which is the worst media in the world  twist his statement  as well  Greedy, Unpatriotic opposition Parties go in shiver and mislead the whole nation. Just like King Jeongo who tried to take care of the whole Politics of the whole nation as well get over many tribulation  in his life. I have faith in Modi ji he will do the same. People who are making so many hindrance for him over every little step will be discarded by their own people. Amazing part is Our Congress party as well other opposition parties are playing the same card by asking help from terror Nation Pakistan? When Terror attack taken place in Pathankot our oppositions were so silent and when terror attack happen in Pakistan they show solidarity?  People of India, Voter of India shall question the Congress and others “Are you with the terror nation or with your own nation? Which Nation is more important to you? India or Pakistan? When Saniya Mirza married to Pakistani man, she is still Indian and making money for her Pakistani husband but when Rajiv married to Sonia Gandhi, She is Indian and Saniya Mirza is not Pakistani??

Note:  I learned about King Jeongjo of Korea by watching Yi San a real Drama based on true story. Then I did lot search on him.  Every time I see Obsessive Compulsive man  Kejriwal who does not utter any word on the TV and News Media without accusing and blaming PM of India  This drama Yi San and True History of King Jeongjo if Korea come in my Mind . What a shame Voters can see what How oppositions are harming India.



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