Silent tears of my dad written by: Kamlesh Chauhan ( Gauri)

Silent tears of my dad
Copyright@Memoires Journey 

Kamlesh Chauhan(Gauri)

Flawless pious radiance on your face
Remind me those days when you use to laugh
Whilst during the journey of your Karma
I sit  by your bed, Watch pure soul God

Blessed us as my tiny body use to dance in your lap 
Those were the days when small feet
learn how to walk from your hand

Every time  I recall childhood memoirs big beam
Come on my face
Youth arrived on my door childhood
Seems to fade

I mature young girl with words of ethics, Integrity
was gifted to my mind and heart
All your Children honored you, abide by you, Disobeyed
You and Rebelled 

My Divine Papa , your love insight stay with us 
In return you had no expectations 
You were a man of  smile and Patience
You were my aspirations 


Each one blunder in life , My father you have no errors in my eyes 
You shower smile and hilarity whoever
Walk in your life 

My father , Innocent father of mine ,The most dearest Dad of mine
You wrapped in cotton wool all you children

Each one was shielded under the umbrella of your love..

Then why the world beleaguered you, tormented you?
why world is so callous to such pure soul like you

Tiny little voice in your heart is sobbing 
While your  radiant face is smiling 
Divine light is shimmering 

Today its my turn to bring you back to my world
Today its my duty to help you how to crawl and walk
Today its my turn to bring to clean your silent tears
Today its my turn to shut the doors of cruel friend and foes

My dad my loving dad dont be sad,
This world is gone mad 

You are leaving a legacy of love of fatherhood
Those who cause pain in your life will be forgiven 
Because your soul never seek revenge
Your silent tears seek forgiveness for all human being

This was my expression  at the time the last Karma of my dad. When he was leaving us to join heavenly Lord. Even its is Prose and Poem as well however I like it the way I felt at that time . This expression of my love for my dad was reciting by one of my Work Manager in front of his  whole team  to those associate who were working for his Department . His name is Pat Rally . This Poem was also printed in one of my friends magazine South Asia without telling me. Thanks Jinnder Chohaan  and Pat Rally. Feel free to give your Views on this expression of my thoughts. I love my Dad . He is always my Guide my pride. ( Gauri ) 


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