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Who is the biggest and loudest Enemy of India? Written by Kamlesh Chauhan
These days a son of a mother who barely earn monthly salary Rupees 3000 and He is flying by first class seat in the airplane? A Patel are the richest people all over the world where Hardik Patel is made a Leader of the India? Really? Who told his supporters to commit violence? Let’s talk about another traitors Kanhaiya Kumar. Umar Khalid, Anirban , Bhattacharya  who are admired, Praised , Encouraged by another Known Kashmiri Separatists Supporter Gaddar Kejriwal ( who was the first one who claimed he does not know that Kashmir is Integral part of India ? Can you believe this ? He is the first Gaddar who Accused Our Brave Indian Army Soldiers by saying that Soldiers are torturing Kashmiris ) These people have no sense of what Freedom of Speech means or they just blackmailing the youth by throwing the lines “ Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Lips . Umar Khalid has linked with Naxalite.  Traitor Educated Fool Gaddar Kej…