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My Confusion about Hillary Clinton and Mr.  Donald Trump By: Kamlesh Chauhan
I am staunch Democrat. First time in my life I am so much perplexed who to vote this time. Shall I vote? I am living in USA almost for decade and helped lot of Democrat Campaign, Doing Fund raising in the Indian Community for many Democrats.
As a woman I definitely like to see woman President of America like Hillary Clinton. Her personal life with her husband is not my business. She forgave her husband for extra marital relation for power, for her daughter or for the love of her husband. Whatever the reason behind this forgiving her husband is commendable.
Now on the other side at least Even Mr. Trump have many marriages and made each of his wife rich. He is also a good father to his children that called a responsibility and a man of care, a good father. As Indian descendant yes I do question his several marriages with all the young woman . Now it’s changing among Indian Cultures too so who we are to judge any…