My Confusion about Hillary Clinton and Mr.  Donald Trump
By: Kamlesh Chauhan

I am staunch Democrat. First time in my life I am so much perplexed who to vote this time. Shall I vote? I am living in USA almost for decade and helped lot of Democrat Campaign, Doing Fund raising in the Indian Community for many Democrats.

As a woman I definitely like to see woman President of America like Hillary Clinton. Her personal life with her husband is not my business. She forgave her husband for extra marital relation for power, for her daughter or for the love of her husband. Whatever the reason behind this forgiving her husband is commendable.

Now on the other side at least Even Mr. Trump have many marriages and made each of his wife rich. He is also a good father to his children that called a responsibility and a man of care, a good father. As Indian descendant yes I do question his several marriages with all the young woman . Now it’s changing among Indian Cultures too so who we are to judge any one in USA or anywhere else in the world. At least he knows how to run his business after every fall. 

*No my question regarding Hillary Clinton about her attitude towards India. Is she good for India? If we look  at her past History “"Hillary Clinton likes to operate through NGOs, which are given funding through indirect channels, and which target individuals and countries seen as less than respectful to her views on foreign and domestic policy in the target countries," a retired US official now based in Atlanta said. He claimed that "rather than US NGOs, (the former) Secretary of State Clinton favored operating through organizations based in the Netherlands, Denmark and the Scandinavian countries, especially Norway" as these were outside the radar of big power politics. These NGOs were active in the agitation against the Russian nuclear power plant at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu, with "funding coming mainly from a religious organization based in Europe that has close links with France". ***

On Other side I am bit worried about her Campaign Manager Abedin to whom Hillary Clinton called her second Daughter whose father is who founded the Institute of Muslim Minority of affair an organization devoted to the study of Muslim communities in non-Muslim societies around the world   and then she was an assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority affair. Nothing wrong with that however whole family is dedicated to spread their faith what about others. Do they respect others as they called Donald trump a Racist?.

I also think Donald Trump is more Sincere to America unfortunately he shout and does not know how to present his point of views. I do agree some of the concern we all are facing about Terrorism. No one can deny that the main threat to the whole globe is a Terrorism spreading so fast. A terrorists Bin laden was living in Pakistan for so long. USA was showering dollars and dollar to Pakistan? Then Bin laden was hidden by Pakistan? So how can we trust a nation like Pakistan? We all know human rights violation of Pakistan in Baluchistan, Sindh and Pakistan occupied Kashmir as well openly admitting infiltrating terrorism in  Kashmir a integral part of India. Why we even funding a Pakistani Lobbyists . Why dont we shut Pakistan once for all that Vacate Baluchistan and Indian kashmir ? Have he ever done that? 

USA Media played a key role to defame Trump. Media is not listening and  and dont even let him finish what he really wants to made America great once again. 

Now let’s talk about Jobs. He is right about unemployment. How many Kids are dealing about uncertainty of employment in their field? There are too many youth already turned as 40 year old men, have not seen a any progress in their Career, Ever have been CEO after doing and passing their MBA, PHD. What a shame Politicians have Jobs and common people of USA have none? People can’t even pay rent places like Network, California in many cities.


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