:Loneliness: A Blessing for Introspection written by Suresh Sharma

POEM:Loneliness: A Blessing for Introspection
Need to do some introspection,

Looking for spiritual resurrection.

Want to avoid worldly distraction,
Loneliness is panacea for correction.

Want to be near your conscience,

Need to reinvigorate your mental shrine,
Seek to experience light of divinty,

Be lonely to feel the pleasure of serenity.

Want to enjoy the bliss of meditation,

Want to experience divine realization,

Want to invent the wheel again

Loneliness is the essence of the game.

Loneliness acts as a catalyst to purify your mind,

Introspection acts as means to refresh and rewind,

How about spending alone some of your spare time

and feel the ecstasy of re-discovering yourself overtime.

Copyright: Suresh Chander Sharma



  1. Thanks Suresh for contribuating this poem on my blog . I know our visitors will love your poem.

  2. बहुत सुंदर अभिव्यक्ति सुरेश जी


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