No Creativity in Bollywood Left? Or are they Lazy? Or they just want to mislead the people? Why to Copy Hollywood.  Dilwale is a Copy of Hollywood Movie title “Best Of Me”(Gauri)

It’s very easy for us to point fingers why Hindu protest against Bollywood Movies?. Now think Hard. Do we really hate Actors in the name of Race, Religion and Cast of the Actor? You know all the answer which is what? Its Big “ No” If Indian Hindus  ever had hated Actors for their Race and Religion then Sharukh Khan could not have been called Super, or King or Baadshah over a excellent Handsome Hrithik Roshan? Who is young and better Dancer, Actor and More talented than Sharu Khan?  If Hindus were  hated any one just becoz of the race and religion do u think   Waheeda Rehman, Nargis , Surya was adored by more  Hindus more than  any past Heroines even in old ear who are considered  good actresses and beautiful over many Hindu actresses . Madhubala was Muslim, Nargis was from Mix family, Meena Kumar was Muslims, and Surya was Muslims.  Zeena Aman is not Hindus >

Now look at Movies Dilwale . Director Producers and Writers have almost stolen the movie story word by word, Scene by Scene even the Posters of the Movie is stolen from “Best Of Me”. Have they taken rights from Hollywood? If Hollywood done that Bollywood would have make big huge and cry in the greed of dollars. No wonder even world Film Industry always make fun of Hindu God and Goddess in the music video and Movies. We all know what happen to the Video “Innocence of Muslims” Do Hindus ever made a Movie on Prophet or Jesus?  I am saddened by the fact Sunny Deol always have acted from Heart about Indian Patriotism in the Movies and he is nowhere to seen? Why our own Hindus don’t get recognize for their looks and patriotism? Sorry to say Bollywood is Copy Cat, Trying to become popular and trying to make quick money. Now Mr Bansali directed to good Movie Bajirao Mastani however have r. Bansali learn to know the truth and real story of BajiRao? Any way I like the movie very much.  In the end I will say Bollywood Industry and Indian Media better stop presenting   stolen stories from Hollywood and let people know that you have taken rights of the Hollywood Movies and imitating Hollywood Movies. Otherwise one day Hollywood can also speak against all Bollywood Movie Makers. Stop accusing Hindu Protestors who have a courage and rights to defend the Indian history, Culture and maintain the old Civilization. (Gauri) Continue…..


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