Who is the biggest and loudest Enemy of India?
Written by Kamlesh Chauhan

These days a son of a mother who barely earn monthly salary Rupees 3000 and He is flying by first class seat in the airplane? A Patel are the richest people all over the world where Hardik Patel is made a Leader of the India? Really? Who told his supporters to commit violence?
Let’s talk about another traitors Kanhaiya Kumar. Umar Khalid, Anirban , Bhattacharya  who are admired, Praised , Encouraged by another Known Kashmiri Separatists Supporter Gaddar Kejriwal ( who was the first one who claimed he does not know that Kashmir is Integral part of India ? Can you believe this ? He is the first Gaddar who Accused Our Brave Indian Army Soldiers by saying that Soldiers are torturing Kashmiris ) These people have no sense of what Freedom of Speech means or they just blackmailing the youth by throwing the lines “ Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Lips . Umar Khalid has linked with Naxalite.  Traitor Educated Fool Gaddar Kejriwal linked with media so he get full fledge Publicity . Does Gaddar Kejriwal, Gaddar  Kanhaiya Kumar, Gaddar Anirban Bhattacharya, Hardik Patel need Public Platform? Do they need to be shown on the Television every day? Who is making them Hero? Guess What It’s our Indian Media like Burkha Dutt, NDTV. TOI. Navbharattimes. Indian Express. Aaj Tak . The Hindus and The Hindustan Times who are the biggest and loudest enemy of India. Until the Big Business like Tata, Reliance don’t stop supporting these media will keep on harming India. They are Threat to Indian Unity and Integrity.  Until Parents don’t teach their children the love for motherland India , these Media will destroy the development of India. Nationalism is a need of Today in India.
My request anyone who supporters these Gaddar , Cowards please remove yourself from my time line.  Please stop responding me anything against my birth land India as well Justify the Gaddars of India. Supporters of Gaddar Kejriwal don’t show your face to me on my time line .  I am becoming really intolerant with those who are shaming the PM of India as well Shaming my Birth land India.  Bhart Mata Ki Jai. Vande Matram. Yes to be loyal to India you do need Certificate. If you don’t need you don’t need any sympathy from me.


  1. Sloganeering against your mother land and supporting Separatist, Emotional Blackmailing of youths are not Freedom of Speech that called abuse of Freedom of Speech.


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