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Mother India
By: Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri) CopyRights@Jagriti(Awakening)1991
I wrote this article when I felt people who residing in America, Who are totally merging in to American culture and unable to teach their American born children where we came from. I also believe when you are in Rome Live like Romans. Do we really know what it means? Actually, It means in very polite way to respect the culture, Respect their way of living, and abide by the  society as well land you adopted to live or Visit. However in India We feel more proud being Brahmins, Rajputs, Dalits, Sikhs, Hindu and Muslims.  Religion is for our personal way of living for our personal cleansing of our minds and thoughts. Religion is for our personal Growth of Ethics and Morals. Don’t divide nation in the name of religion as well respect the nation which has long history of Ancient History. We all are concern citizen of the Universe, who would like to send message to be united as human beings, we can’t let our Motherland’…