Child Endangerment by militants and their Parents in Kashmir.
By: Kamlesh Chauhan

India and Indian Army has been playing very soft role with militants in Kashmir. Human Rights and Amnesty keep an Eye on Indian Army and they don’t check the disturbance, Killing, Kidnapping Youth, Rapes by militant as well how they put their minor children front to pelt stones on army after Friday Prayer. Now they start using petrol bomb. 
I do believe Islam is peaceful religion, whoever training young kids to pelt stone they are putting these minor youth in danger,   Army is there to stop stone pelting and violence.  Stone pelting was forbidden by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Some weeks earlier, SSP Srinagar had also quoted the sayings of the Prophet (SAW) to declare stone pelting as un-Islamic.

The fact is poor youth lost their way .they really don’t know want. Their brain, Their thoughts are fully controlled by Jihadi leader Like Ali Geelani as well the most dangerous person Yasin malik . There are so many cases against him of murdering of many both Kashmiri Muslims and Hindus prominent leaders of Kashmir. Militant Commander   Yasin Malik crossed to Pakistan in late 1980 for arms training. He is still roaming free in Kashmir. Its Indian army softness. All leaders of Hurriyat go rich over night by supporting militancy in the Kashmir with the help of failed state Pakistan. In 2002 Abdul Gani Lone was killed by Hurriyat the plan was hatched in Pakistan by Hurriyat .
The most of separatists are from Ashraf Castes. Syed Geelani is Maudian . The idea of maududi on Kashmir is very dangerous. Geelani Playing dual policy in Jammu Kashmir by taking financial benefit as pension a former MLA who is demoralizing the Forces. He is spoiling the youth of Kashmir.

Chaild Endangerment is where Parents and Leaders put minor’s youth in danger and using small children in the protests and rallies. Indian Govt need to  file against  those parents,  Ali geelani  who trained and allow their children , minor Youth stone Pelting after Friday Prayer. Human Rights learn how to use your philosophy of human rights. Its Parents and Separatists leaders who are violating Human Rights. Indian army is the most careful, Patience and Soft on these Militant comparing to Israel and Sri Lanka.  When there is a war you expect roses for these stone pelters? These people who are spreading Violence they are crying for pellets guns but they don’t every mention they were stone pelting.  Be fair Human rights and Amnesty as well UN, UK, USA. What will you do if these people pelt stone on your army? 


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