Does Bollywood Lost The Art Of Writing, Producing and Directing The Good Movies?

Does Bollywood Lost The Art Of Writing, Producing and Directing The Good Movies?

Writer Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

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 We all love Stars of Bollywood as well we all have some reservation about some stars.  As a young teenager my mother never let me go to see the movies unless she seen new movies first so she can allow me which movie to watch which movie not to watch. I won’t lie to you my blog readers that I was happy with this decision of my mother. I tried to go with my friends to see the New Movies but I was caught and castigated for this disobedience.

Being married so young to a man who was older than me and have seen all the movies of my mother era. His choice of songs were all time favorite of my mother era. So I grew up watching old movies, old songs. Even my children love those songs and movies. Our USA born learn to appreciate Hindu Culture by watching all the TV series like Mahabharata, Ramayana. I saw Upkar, Purb Pachhim, Mugule Azam, Anarkali, Taj Mahal and many many old movies.

 To my dumbfound, where Bollywood lost the magnetism of making good movies? I have admired Sharu Khan and his acting in many good movies. I lost my interest in his movies after he made movie “ My Name is Khan” instead my name is Kaul or My name is Kashmiri Hindu who have been kicked out of Kashmir, killed, butchered , abused , Young Kashmiri Hindu girls been raped, Sold to terrorists cells . However, I found him a very humble man when it comes to meet his Fans in USA. “Mai Hu Na” He or may be his writer or producer did try to defame Hindus by showing a Hindu army man a terrorists? Isn’t that unreal? He defamed both Hindus and Army? Did he ever make a move about our Soldiers getting beheaded?

Now it comes to Amir Khan. What a Movie “ Taare Zamin Per” I saw several time and cried every time how parents can misunderstood their own children due to their lack of their intelligence of their own handicap brain. My respect grew for him even after watching his program Stay Mai Vijayate. Then his personal lives, His divorces is not my concern. We all have dirty laundry in our own close doors. His movie PK brought more disenchantment to me as he repeated the same mistake as others done it in Hollywood.

Now, let’s talk about New rising Producer Vishal Bhardwaj who is so ignorant and shall I call him traitor or enemy of India and Indian Army? Who hide behind the Shakespeare Novel” Hamlet” to spread anti- India sentiments in his Movie “ Haider” and made Shahid Kapoor to yell” Azadi “  which been manipulated and exploited by the militants in Kashmir India . Do we blame Shahid Kapoor here for acting in this movie? I will say “No” or “Yes”. Every actor is need of money and slave to his art so they can play any negative part is a challenge to their art. So I will say Shahid do need another chance to choose the good movies in future. I do feel he has been used for this Movie for his innocence while I know he is a follower of Science and spirituality and good human.
Looking at Hollywood watching old movies like “Benhur” and there are some anti-Christianity movies been made as “Lego” even there is discussion about movie “Noah” which many Christians are saying it is distorted biblical facts. At least Movie is not based on true stories. Problem come in India even Satire in the movies been followed by our innocent Indian Youths. Such movies influenced our Indian Youths while in America Satire of their own religion does not shake their faith in Christianity as much in India. Its might be harsh bitter truth and so called modern generation might not agree with me but our Morals, Our integrity is degenerating due to our Bollywood writers, Producers and Directors  and we have lost the charm of Chivalry , effect on our future generation . Today how many political parties are already bashing, accusing our Soldiers who are protecting our nation? How many Political Parties are promoting making India as colony in the name of “Sawraj”?

Don’t take me wrong that I am not condemning corruption, and many wrong “Pakshandis, Immoral People “, Taking advantage of Temple, Mosque or Churches. There are good and bad in every society so if you want to expose wrong doing then Bollywood have to show the both sides of Evil and Noble.  There are always good and bad people. So it is the duty of the Janta not to allow bad dominating movies to good movies and promote good human Values.

Good Values are foundation of Good Society. It provides good Soldiers, Good Citizens and Bright Future. There are ways to show sensuality not vulgarity. Vulgarity is not art. Vulgar Dance, Vulgar Kisses on the road is not expression of Love. Clean Up Your Garbage “Bollywood” You have spread Nudity with vulgarity not as the art. Don’t try to abuse and excuse of Khujrao and Alora Painting. One need to learn how we can educate about sexuality to our upcoming generation to avoid Rape and abused to women. So far Bollywood you failed in this regard.
 Note: I have nothing against any particular Actor, Director or Producer as well any writer personally. It’s my love for my Birth land India and the seeing degeneration the values and integrity in Bollywood where our youth follow them. They need to rectify their way of clothing’s and Nudity as well vulgarity.  This my personal opinion you follow or not it’s up to you. But raise of Crime, Rapes does point fingers at you as well indeed educators, and Parents. ( KchauhanGauri)






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