Kejriwal is obsessed with spreading lies and making fools of Indian Voters Written by Gauri

Kejriwal is obsessed with spreading lies and making fools of Indian Voters  
Written by Gauri   
I am shocked why Indian Media and Indian government are so soft with this most loud mouth Arvind Kejriwal. Are Indian Voters are that naive to believe this man Arvind Kejriwal.  I don’t know him personally. I just heard from the mouth of horse himself that he has heard? He has heard while Judges talking? Did he confirm with those Judges?  So don’t blame me that I hate him. Don’t tell I am anti Gaddar Kejriwal.  He openly admitted that his eaves dropped the conversation of Judges?  Do Media and People of India as NRI in USA don’t know its criminal when you eavesdropping or overhead someone conversation then use them to defame them. Did he asked the judged and clarify the judges?  Did he taken permission from judges that he can abuse his political power to expose the government? Is their evidence against Central Government?
Every other day he had been accusing people of Modi Cabinet and Central Govt. India is facing dangerous Proxy War with terror nation   Pakistan and this man Kamchor who has not even develop the Delhi State but he has all the time to spread scandal in the nation at this moment of the war and terrorist attack on Army. He is anti-Army from day one. I remember when he became few days CM of Delhi. He accused Indian army and showed his ignorance that he is ignorant educated fool about being uncertainty of Kashmir being part of India?  Do you all remember?   What a shame for CM of India to utter such ignorance but he has all the time to make serious allegations against the Indian army or so many other people of BJP. Why he does not pick up on Congress, On Mulayam Singh on Nitish and lalu  I wonder? Why does not pick on JNU?  JNU is in Delhi. Did he tries to do anything the anti-activities of JNU Students and Intellectual? Why Indian media is so soft on this man. He is not capable of being CM of Delhi. He should not even allowed to even utter a word against any one as he is known defaming Govt.  I do question GOVT why this man is allowed to spread scandals every other day? Why he is not in the jail. Is he was elected to use his Power to use Tax payers money on his own health? Why he need two Quarters for his family? I question my NRI brothers in USA who are sending money to this man? How he became so friendly with Saeed Haffiz? Did Govt ever find out and investigate his link with Saeed Hafiz? Are people in Punjab are so Navies that   they let educated fool Arvind Kejriwal now destroy Punjab.  I am mad mad at the Govt and the Voters who let this man roaming free as CM. He has to be behind bars forever. . He is obsessed with slandering people. Even India Media should stop giving him so much attention of this man.  These are my personal concern about my mother land India.

कल ना  ढुढुने से मिलेगा , एक भी बन्दा   यहां, हमने देखा है बन्दा  खुदा होते हुए यहां " ( केजरीवाल के नाम लेखिका गौरी)


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