Significance of Colors: Contribution of Suresh Sharma

Poem: Significance of Colors

Rainbow is so beautiful to behold,
Presenting a panoramic view manifold.
Colors represent many hues of Life,
Some are light while others are bright.

The white is representative of harmony and peaceful sentiments,
The Red represents its valiant and fighting nature & fire elements.
The Green represents environmental purification and an agent of climate change.
The Blue reflects the purity and transparency in oceanic shades,
And Yellow is a color of Life Vibrancy and merriment trade.

Orange is the color of Blissful spirituality,
Where conscience is reflected in its true reality.
Black is the color of sacrifice and sadness,
Representing the bereavement and darkness.

The Golden is the color of enlightenment,

Full of glory, richness and fulfillment.

Thus our Life is amalgamation of many colorful states,

Some may be bright and some represent dark and sad state.

Let us fill our life with bright colors,

and share our sorrows all together.

Copyright: Suresh Chander Sharma



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